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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  June 24, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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that was caught on camera. officials say it was caused buy a lightning strike. george lives just a few doors down. >> cue hear it. bam. you knew it. the lying-ing hit. >> as the fierce storm toring there the reg upon, it tore down tree and left debris scattered across roads. the wind and rain toppled two huge trees and plucked power loops ut. >> bust miller's home. the powers out now. he said he may get it back in ship today. >> during the middle of the day, thousands were still without poe we're. power. >> the section of the busy road was shut down in both directions all day as power crews worked to clear away mother nay for's mess. mother nature's mess. now take a live look here. this is the intersection of ox road. take a look at the number of power crews you can see and that intersection. wewe have a half dozen more done the street. we have just learned within the passing hour or so, that we do expect from police, they say, to expect that
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this road will be closed throughout the evening. reporting live abc 7 news. >> across the po tow mack, heavy rains brought down plenty of trees. brd bell picked up the team coverage of the stomps. >> it's the sound of the day. >> you can see why this big tree fell. not much in the way of roots. a lot of rot. it just missed the ped room window lucky for the homeowner because she was there. it did score a direct hit. that her chevy tahoe. >> i cried. i said, god it is on my car. >> car listen says she and her husband knew the weather was coming. they brought in plants. hen the storm did hit it withs a stunner t. eye man we had some wind, but we have never seen it. it was almost like a twister
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went through. >> numerous power out as have crews hopping from job to job. >> the tree shall the poles that were broken off and everything. >> in greenbelt lightningedding from the storm sparked this roaring fire. he is sharing his cell phone video. >> went around the corner, ran up the hill, when i got there, everybody was play blazing. >> tonight, 36 people displaced. back in bales ril, they will remember this one for ahill. not just the old trees that claimed but also for the fear it brought. >> it was very violent. it was a period of time where the wind blew so hard, the trees were going sideways and the rain was coming in sheets. the hail was mixed in with it. >> in beallsville brad bell, abc 7 news. >> thank you. those storms were followed bay beautiful sunset and near-perfect weather. >> that is perfect. >> wasn't it in crable last
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night. >> yellow then lavender. >> gorgeous. >> i left last night at 8:30. the sky overhead showed orange. look south it was dark as might. none of that today though. >> blew it away. 50 oh, yeah. blue skies too. we'll give you time lapse. this is from laurel. this is the live point now. a little cloud bank. overhead, blew skies. low humidity. 81. 84 in fredericksburg. 85. nicedry air. dewpoint at 50. listen not only a pretty sunset but a gorgeous outdoor evening. especially heading down the park. great for the nationals. overnight temperature, 63 to 71 with a liability wind. tomorrow, it all changes. the area of high pressure that gives the beautiful weather all ta and continues that hour. that will move out of the picture. that well loy skies to turn partly sunny. temperatures back to the telephoner 80's. a warm front approaching likely to give us strong to
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severe thunderstorms late in the day and tomorrow evening. well, will this pattern hold? i got that important updated forecast for you as well una few minutes. >> all right. thank you. >> now new developments we are following tonight. for the first time, boston bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev apologized. >> a startling turn for dzhokhar tsarnaev. for the first time, dzhokhar tsarnaev talked and apologized for the deadly attack. it was the first public statement in more than two years. in an astounding apology from the boston marathon bomber, dzhokhar tsarnaev speaking publicly, for the first time, since the 2013 attacks that killed four people and injured more than 260 others. the killer admitting his guilt in court today and saying i am sorry for the lives i have taken, the suffering i have caused you, for the damage i have done. this soft spoken word following hours of heart-wrenching testimony from survivors and victim's family.
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the death penalty imposed last month was mid official by the judge today. >> new and very important information, tonight, in the search far suspect be the tuck he were's restaurant arson case. >> new video could help police make a break in the case. investigators want to know what is in there. >> yeah. it may have been a red gas can. we first reported on this fire when it happened last week. it appeared suspicious, the start. >> more tough questions today. this left one woman ded and dozens of other passengers sick and passengers reacting to the disturbing revelations today about relook tans of employees to report potential hazards. stephen live tonight. stev!, what is the latest.
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stephen tschida has that. that is a scary thing to hear. talking about the close call program, where employees are supposed to report incidents, hazards they may detect, it also, often involves reporting a fellow coworker. they call the whistle-blower program, and most of his coworkers he said, they don't want any part of it. now, of course, ntsb hearing began in response to that incident january 12th what was overshadowing the hearings was that video. the surveillance video of the smoke incident which could yellow line near the station that made a lot of people sick and left one woman dead. today, metro leaders were asked questions about what they are doing, how they are working with the employees to make this transit system safer. i think we will continue to take action as a result of the fda report, the ntsb report all of those things will lead to further action to make the system safer than it is today. stephen: now eventually, the ntsb will make some findings public, then it will make recommendations to metro, but we can tell you we have been talking to passengers, they are skeptical about whether
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metro will actually take steps to make this system dramatically safer anyway. in an he initiative to encourage workers to report potential hazards. >> well, i think we are safer. i hi we act on a number of situations. the testimony from the operate are of the yellow line train consumed by smoke released at the outset overshadowed the hearings z the continue nell filled with thick moke, the operator asked the command center for permission to return. he was told and pi repeatedly because another train has stop the platform. this as pan ked passengers pounded on doors screamed and struggled. it is unfortunate that someone lost their life. it is really sad. >> now the two days of hearings just wrapped up. the ntsb will eventually release the findings to make recommendations for met tre. reporting live, reporting live stephen tschida, abc 7 news.
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[chanting] >> protests like to one over the confederate flag erupted across the country. >> right now, the confederate battle flag is a hot issue today in alabama, the flag came down. hearings poes can on race relations that started with the death of michael brown in ferguson, missouri. today, a group of religious lead hers came together to call for wheres is for all. d.c. bureau chief reports from northwest with a look at plans to mark the anniversary of the million man march. >> so it was billed as press conference and anything but. it was rally for nation of islam minister louis farrakhan against many recent events from ferguson to charleston as it angered african-americans. we came to tell every racist white supremacist we don't die. we multiply. we got to get justice or else. >> that was the repeated theme. rust is or else.
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>> because it is black lives that are being plotted. >> we know whats are is is. >> we know what justice is. >> iting the law that distinguishes between right and wrong. >> farrakhan and others who organized the million man march in october of 1995 will hold a 20th ands are ry march in october to include people of all race, genders and orientation. >> they see the lack in this nation and they are determined to make a change and we do that is with wherein ty. >> farrakhan pee littled efficient after charleston called for remoreoverral of the confederate flag. a. >> you are supposed to go away satisfied. you don't know what justice looks like. >> spirited conversations. >> that is right. >> plans for the march forecast is come as debate rages about confederate symbols across the country.
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>> governor made a strong statement about taking the confed rate flags off of license plates but what about schools? his strong statement coming up. >> and then, a little later mixed in greed the look at the plan to merge two grocery giants into one. you saw the video first on 7. the 7 on yore side i-team is tracking the work to set things right after flooding carried away a casket. don't forget to go to to sign up forewater are alerts. can get weather alerts withs a click of a button.
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>> that is the vice president of sales at company that has made confederate flags since 1882. today, that company valley forge flag announcement is going to stop selling confederate flag merchant dice in the midst of the conroars i have. backlash started last week after a deadly shooting inside of a charleston, south carolina church. you mould know that by now. today, the governor of alabama order the four different confederate
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banners there be removed the state including the battle plague. and in mississippi the debate wages. one that doesn't corp from the confederate battle flag in the design and not just the flags. in continue see, lawmakers are calling or the bust of 5 a confederate den are to be remove. harry reid is questioning the statute in the u.s. capital hall. northern virginia's pure row chief jeff goldberg standing by now with a look the did he about it over confederate symbols here in the area which plied a key role in the of vill war. jeff? mo question about it low. yesterday, the virginia governor made big news by ordering all license plates with the confederate flag come off of the road saying it is too hurt. today, the governor diddry a line. >> today, the governor did draw a line. >> it may not know this statute on washington street in oldtown honored confederate soldiers from alexandria.
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dunkin who works mare bye said the movement to teak done the confederate flag, perhaps, should go further. >> if you are going to take you know, cover up the flags, show should take everything down that represents the confederacy. i mean, one for all, i guess. you will, you know, honor people who fought and died in a certain circumstance to remember them. not necessarily everything that they stood for. >> from state stated outs to roads to schools remindsers of leaders can be found all over virginia. governor mccull laugh one day asking to remove license plates are the road says those reminders should remain. >> it is part of the heritage. is who we are. it is virginia. it is important part of our heritage. the flag is different. the flag is the sim billion fo sore many people of hatred that i think needs to. >> pin ports muth, va, where mer than half are african-american. one city councilman is calling for the city's monument to be taken down. and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell of kentucky
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wants to bust the move from the state building in frankfurt. >> maybe a better place for that would be the kentucky history museum. >> i asked the governor if he believes the charleston shooting will be a turning point in racial relations in america. he didn't answer directly but rather called forking toker gun regulations and talked to the definite need for greater job opportunities and early childhood education. live in the satellite center yev goldberg, abc 7 news. thank. >> in the last few day several retallers announce they will stop selling confederate flags and other merchandise. some stores are seeing a spike end sale. numbers of the veterans say that for them, the flag is a symbol of honor and sacrifice. >> well, once the flag us removed, we start dobb the slippery slope and the monument will be called for will be removed at the state house grounds then the next thing will be street name and building names which has
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begun, complete edcation to eliminate all confederate history. >> randy says 57 of his ancestors fought for the confederacy in the civil we're and 16 died in battle. many people have called the confederate plague the american version of a swastika. abc 7 did a switch to the retaller. we did find that some of them are still selling items featuring the nazi symbol. >> all right. race relags will be just within of the topics of roundtable discussion on the sister station newschannel 8 today. tune in at 7:00 for your voice and future. american state of affairs. our panel will be touching on the same-sex marriage and health care cases inning u.s. supreme court. rulings should be coming out pi next tuesday. >> so yesterday you stepped rut side and started sweating immediately. today, i think if we could have this every day. >> i am glad you share that with us.
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much nicer day for sure. no weather worries. everything on schedule tonight. that is good. we are looking at the time lapse are the country club in arlington a. beautiful season rise. the unpreps denned. the most beautiful sunset i have seen in a long time. the sunrise gorgeous this morning if you were up early muff to enjoy. we show this he time lapse. if are look me, the sun came up at 5:45 this morning yep, was it. that was the sound scape go w. all right. beautiful weather all day. temperature 81. it is below average temperatures. pee le average seasonal humidity def levels and just gorgeous outside. it would be hoo nice if we could hang on. a very quick chng on the horizon tomorrow. 858 the worst spot. low 80 he elsewhere. dewpoint temperatures measure moisture. there in the's lower 60's. make for a wonder evening. just about perfect conditions to the 70's. now plenty of hot and humid
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air. the storm track the upper level flow is coming from west to east so not going to drg everything in. tomorrow briefly. as high be sure moves out. the winds will go though south. we will warm up. humidity levels will rise a bit as well. it will become uncome forel. then, we get to the afternoon hours. the high moves out. the warm front and area of low pressure start make a move from the west. that will first turn the winds the soth and make it more and more humid. we set the stage for scattered showers and thunderstorms through the afternoon and the evening hour. more than likely evening and lighttime hours. then we could talk about potentially heavy to isolated severe thunderstorms. that is possibility for the day tomorrow. storm prediction center has placed us under a slight possibility of severe weather for tomorrow afternoon. one of the computer models guess out to early saturday morning. look at what it does as far as potential for rain fall as we get into the early hours of saturday morning. so this runs through 3:00
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a.m. saturday. by that time, we could see over an inch of rain in suburbs just south and east. some areas three four inches of rain. then we got the whole day saturday into saturday night to go with foe continuationly heavy rain. this is something we'll keep an eye on. we could go for number five positions for the wettest june on record. maybe get into the top three or four position. a lot of rain. just not the kind of weather patterns you would like for vacation time or anything else, but for this day, it is gorgeous. the national harbor, a few fair weather clouds. comfortable temperatures. 85 washington. 84 winchester. baltimore, 82 at this hour. dewpoint temperatures, the way we measure moisture. in the 50's to around 60. when you have temperatures in the 80's, it doesn't feel any more comfortable than that in late june around this area. this evening, nothing to worry about. gorgeous. a few clouds. that is it. temperatures in
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the lower 70's overnight. 70 when you wake up in the morning and the heat and humidity and storms back tomorrow. we will tell you what to expect for the weekend, too. >> thank you. >> coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00, going to waste the startling new statistics about how much fooled we are leaving on the table. >> i am that he folklife festival downtown d.c. this right here, what can you do with it? i will give you ideas coming up next. but first, a look at what is coming up tonight on abc.
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>> right now people are getting a taste of are are you at the myth sonnian folklife festival. my mom used to take me down there every summer. as a kid i fought her kicking and screaming. now way don't fo. am grateful. am talking my daughter down there. >> all right. cycle of life. the annual event looks a little bit different. he is a lot smaller because of the work being done down there. however that is not keeping the meteorologist from getting out there and checking things out in this boutful day today. hi, steve. >> the tell shall alot small he than previous years. only one scare block. it is more intimate. we get to do alo things here at the pavilion where they have a whole table full of
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al pack can and wool from sheep. and kids can play. they can make yarn. a lot of han on things to do here. you can see they are weaving stuff here. display like, throughout the in tire block the display. this starts at 1:36 monday through friday that guess until 5:30 and going to continue until july 5th. you have another 10-12 days to if to enjoy yourself. it is free. the only challenge you will probably have is finding parking. now the dis display every night at 7:00. they have concerts that are on the national mall. lots of space out. let me tell you, the turf looks fantastic. right now, you can see rooting here. they are making, did i trip over something here. what are you makinger? >> a push. 50 what is that? >> it is this here. awesome. all right. lots ofs did play her. you can see they are working very, very hard.
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goes mull until july 5th. at missions free at the national mall across the native american museum. you have a lot to do, a lot see for kids and families young and old. come on down. stay cool. i will give you one recommendation, though. if you plan on coming down here on saturday, you will probably want to bring umbrella. it is going to be very very wet done here. if you don't make it down on saturday, let me 28 you al next week, the week after to enjoy it. live at the folklife festival downtown d.c. back to the news deskment all right. good deal. enjoy it. you get to wear shorts today, steve. be out in that beautiful weather. >> i leak need it. yeah. he know you do. looking good. >> all right. thanks. >> see you in a bit. >> all right. coming up, abc 7 news at 5:00, rich in more ways than one. the look at the change ahead for chocolate lovers. >> i am in northwest washington. where today the national park service unveiled a new art in city lation that will catch your eye.
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the unique meaning behind it coming. >> work has pe gun to repolice a retapping wall washed away after saturday's floods. coming up, what is holding up the work and when the main
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>> saw the damage first on 7. casket found out in the open ripped the vault and found by men visiting a grave in
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prince george's county. 7 on your side went back to fund out what has been done to fix the problem. >> work has be gun to clean up this mess that could be blamed on sentence's flooding. as you in see, all of this mud washed out because of the flood water. it took with it the retaken wall that is being replaced. >> pack los and heavy equipment inside moving massive concrete blocks that are being placed listening the creekbed that borders cemetery. the barrier crumbled over the weekend in heavy flooding as 7 on yore side first report the water pulled a single casket the vault leaving it expose. the maryland office eversight begin an investigation after we notify them. the workers say instruction department of environment have slowed the job they were hoping to dom pete by friday. the company in charge says it is moving as quickly as
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it can to shore up this area. >> we are here to protect every owner. look i said, we have known for 36 years and involved with over 20,000 parial and never seen this happen before. talk to people that worked here before me and never happen in506789 hopfully won't happen afan. >> i am afraid it would never. this has been concern about the grief markers you can see here. there are dozens of them. the maintenance director tells us this has nothing to do with saturday's flooding. this is old look is used buy a former management company. they use these stones to beef up retapping wall when they were tossed aside. each one of these individuals does have a marker on their individual grave. abc 7 news. >> checking the top stores are how. the storms are gone. the damage they left behind remain. power crews wogging through the night and still out getting the lights and back on.
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route 123 remains closedment we are told it is going to be close well hool the night. >> a confederate battle inning and three other symbols have been removed from montgomery, alabama. that state governor ordered removal today. the support for the flag free across the country mississippi key senator says their state should renovember the emblem from the plague. >> and metro employees remain hesitant to report safety laps puss they fear retribution. that revelation came during day two of national transportation safety board hearing into january's deadly smoke incident. a woman died and dozens got sick when smoke filled the trin and tunnel near the plaza. we are following a developing story everseas this evening. the trains are running once again one day after protests. workers on the surfaces could be suspend on tuesday. workers in the french port town burn tires in row test against job losses.
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>> a senate panel unanimously passed a bill today to best spending on highway projects but have not come up with a way to pay for it just yet. the bill gaves state and local governments more flexibility to spend prall money on local projects that relies on a 1996 federal goes lien tax that no long he physician rates enough money. congress needs to come up with additional $90 million over the nexts years to fill the gap. >> the state highway administration in maryland has begun work on a big construction project on i opinion 370. the $4.6million project will resurface five miles of the highway in gaithersburg between i-270th route 365. within lane of traffic in both directions will be closed monday through friday between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. it could be double lane closures overnight in weekend. that work expected to last all the way through late fall. >> all right. let's check to see how things look.
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>> yam my sullivan. >> well, leon, for the afternoon commute delays especially sun glare delays heading outbnd on. you in see here to get a good idea just following hem. we seeing that on 66 but dow want to focus on the utbound traffic. moving to the maps now. i will take you 30men that wince you hit the peltway and continue utbeen on 6 averaging only about 15 miles per hour. still have some areas infax where we are seeing the trees wires down. starting off with twin brook road heading north. all lanes blocked. also keep in mind, we still have the wire and pole down. that is going to be affecting you traveling on route 123 ox road right at brd dock road. fairfax county parkway the best option. as we move to the beltway you can see in va, eight miles per hour. has the average continuing crossing the american legend bridge and still heavy working your way through
5:35 pm
chevy chis and continuing closer. that is a look at traffic. back to you. all right, thanks. >> a seattle man trying to warn drivers of a coming speed traps he within who ended up getting the ticket. ways fined $136 are the handmade soon he had there telling drovers police around the corner handing out tickets. had that out for lovely five minute before fers notice him. he recorded what happened next. check this out. 50. >> it is forbidden. >> i can't hold the sign? >> mo, you can not. you can see how that may be disstratting for some motor is. >> ok. officers say the problem was the word offing of the sign. wor like caution and slowdown may regulate traffic. he plans to footing the fine. i think somebody may have a case are. >> i think so, too. >> a lot of sympathizers as well.
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wow. >> ok. >> coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00, not quite x-ray vision. why this truck is bringing new meaning to transparency. >> plus -- >> i have a car that will top by. am glad you came out here. we don't have aof issues. >> ek with, a principal who has fun a which to keep kids in school pi showing how much he cares. >> a dramatic spike in fire call lng the red line in montgomery county. what is to blame. how is metro fixing the problem? i am kevin lewis in bethesda that story coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 6:00. stay tune for abc abc "world news tonight with david muir." david, kimberly, leon. a convicted boston bomber breaking silence. what he said to the families also, today, the mystery outside 6 one american city tonight. six women now dead. do they have canner on their hands? what they revealed late
5:37 pm
today. caught on tape tonight right there outside of d.c. the patient accidentally recording with the doctor was really saying while he was under anesthesia. don't believe one here.
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>> several students who may have dropped out of school are now high schooled from as this summer because of one principal in d.c. ford center. the attendance rate climbed from 54% to 60% the man who keeps a close eye on his student and waps them. >> he knows every single within of them by name. he escorts theth students to the bus stop ever dy at dismissal. oh yeah. yeah. >> keep it moving. let's po. >> darren knows that keeping an eye on students showing them someone cares about them can keep them out of trouble. >> coming rut sited for the dismissal is real important because it presents the students from doing anything inappropriate. inside you won't see any of the 700 students wondering the hallways now that principal is in charge. >> one of the first things mow, when i came out here, two years ago it would be a lot in the hallway during the class during the in
5:41 pm
instructional day. we didn't have tough discipline. >> he has cut suspensions by 50%. >> he knows that keeping kids in school is the best way to help them succeed. overall, i have a b. ok. >> no, that is awesome. >> james thomas in a jr. he admit mishe was heading done the wrong path a few years ago, fighting, skipping class. thatle the principal showed up. >> he helped a lot with the students. look i look at him like a father figure. >> when he arrived two years ago, the attendance rate was 54%. the biggest challenge, students who simply don't see the point in coming to school. >> a lot of them come from rough situations at home. some parents are incarcerated or whatever. we have students who are foster students. we try to make them feel like home and like a family movement that is the at os officer that is boeing felt there. he commutes from baltimore every day to be there with
5:42 pm
the students. that is what you call dedication. kim bar zy really good stuff, lowon. >> you may have heard of companies considered too big to fail. what about listen marcs? a look at what is joining the grand canyon on this year's list of most endangered places. >> countdown to fourth of july brought to you by:
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>> a consume are alert about a popular sweet treat that will be hoarding in the upper left drawer my desk am the price of chocolate could be going up because dry weather in gan inand the eve ry coast led to a shortage of cocoa. the cost of cocoa has already gone up 12% this year. the coast that could soon be pass on to you. leon. >> we know which draw we're to go to. >> all right. >> all right. just add money. the owner of a giant and food line grocery store thinks come booning ingredients will be a recipe for success but now the closer listening at the planned merger and what it means for. >> the proposed merger between food lion angie and is giant. the combined come would be
5:46 pm
worth her than dollars 30 billion with total of 6500 stores and nearly 370 am em plo yachts in the sups and europe. they have been known for low prices but not high wall ty. industry analysts say by merging the two companies they hold to build the best of both worlds. i think it is fret idea. lower price would be good for everybody. >> i am concerned the quality will continue to go down because food is a lower qualitier to. the two companies propose the merger says bigger well be better. grocery store chains say it is harder to negotiate the prices from suppliers no they have to compete against walmart and big bulk stores like costco. >> if you can go like once a week or so, you can get look a lot of things for the-ny we pay. >> you like bulk. >> yeah. >> rebecca cooper, abc 7
5:47 pm
new. >> americans eating more food than ever before and letting more food if to waste am they foon the average american throws away each year. wasted food is the season gel biggest item in landfills where they predus a green house gas. the survey fines more people are were up set the money loss than the impact on hunger and the environment. kem ber fly leon, apple's newest operating system appears to have fix the most annoying aspect of updating the iphone. users had to delate apes to create enough free pace for the upgrade. sound familiar inios9 appears to have a fix. the new operating system will automatically delete the apps before installing the in tall. ios9 will also require less space than the previous system. >> and sam sng is working on new technology that lets drivers see what is in front of giant on the road. have you wondered? >> yeah.
5:48 pm
it mounts a wireless calm are on the front of big rigs and live streams to the video to the giant screen in the back. that means you can go behind the big old truck and a clear view of oncoming trav the project in the early phots tow type stage. >> still making the driving watch television while driving. we hope it is not more distracting. >> don't you? i right. ok. >> look for the brick lights. look for the prick light. yeah. study that for awhile first. all right. just ahead tonight, here on abc 7 news at 6:00, tell you why some fear is shifting u.s. hostage policy could put more americans at risk. plus -- >> it was misleading. it was lie. it was not true. a director of the office of personnel management told abc 7 last year that got her into hot water today on capitol hill. and why one local fire department is seeing a 400% increase in calls on met tre. all of that new ahead at 6:00. >> leon, a massive probe made a big discovery on a
5:49 pm
dwarf plan met. the dawn spacecraft sent back images of a pyramid-shaped structure. nasa believes it is a-tain three intos tall. earlier this year, dawn sent back imams of self bright spots that they believe are caused by ice and salt. nasa plans a closer look at the surface this summer. >> science is super cool. yeah. >> turn that into something else. you no i it? ment all right. >> meanwhile, watch the skies for us tonight. not looking too bad doug. >> no. delightful afternoon and evening. easy weather here today. tomorrow the weekend it ramps up again. the weather camera in montgomery college. is beautiful throughout. no threat today. it is enjoyable for any outdoor activities. very comfortable outdoor conditions. 85 at reagan national. 81 gaithersburg, dulles, 82.
5:50 pm
dewpoint temperatures, the measure is fine. it is low. it is comfortable. a comfortable night at the at least they got it back. everything starts to change. the reason there is area of high pressure that is across eastern ohio that is responsible for the beautiful night. it came in after the storms and the cold front. as that moves out tomorrow it will open the door to advance of a warm front and area of low pressure will develop along the warm front so more showers and thunderstorms especially by late tomorrow afternoon and evening. then as we get through the day friday, this whole system will settle down the south. that will bring in much
5:51 pm
cooler air from the atlantic. a quiet day. then by friday night, saturday, a pretty substantial storm is going to develop. that could bring heavy rain here friday night overnight saturday through saturday afternoon or evening. again, enough rain that it could cause flooding issues. so just a busy looking map here. back to you. >> all right. >> that's ru. they won four straight. how about that? >> yeah. they continue their quest for greatness. a little bit of a roll now. they won four straight. stras had a great return. tonight it is zoom american on the mound. i looks like row teasing is living up to expectation the starters have only allowed one run in the last four games. the pitcher, the massive won the last four and the two and a half games up on the new york nets holding the top spot. here is matt scherzer.
5:52 pm
>> we are on the same page. we are all throwing the ball well now. we all pull for each other. we all want each other to have success. it is fod see everybody throwing the ball wall tect at once because when the starting staff goes, that is when the rest of the team goes. that is when you can get in the street. >> you lo we are keeping or eyes out are the wow play. remember when derek jeter made the diving catch into the stands against the red sox. the yankees' fans will can me. take a look. bluejays bottom eighth. check it out. on the pal my goodness, dives to the stands. >> make the catch for the out. there was casualty, though. you see the kid with the glasses there. yeah. poor kid. he would be ok, though. mo us in that. a great catch. >> all right. >> tigers. last night. don't we love trash taker has well, this indian's fan is getting early start. he caught the foul ball in the hat. afterward, he tacked too
5:53 pm
much mack to miguel cabrera. all he could do was laugh. the kid didn't let up. by the way, still talking. check him out here. so mig gy loves it. war of yards he gets a signed billion and a bat and batting glove how we know the kids the biggest trash talker ever. >> i don't mow. >> exactly. >> a lesson in squeaky wheel. >> that is it? 506789 yeah. up next on abc 7 news at 5:00, getting a new look. find out how one what is it leon? eye done know. one local neighborhood is making changes. >> very interesting changes. tell you all about it.
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5:56 pm
>> the grand canyon and new york south street seaport are the most endangered places according a list released the national trust for preservation. it looks to bring tension to cultural and natural heritage. the org mo zation says they are at risk due to neglect,
5:57 pm
development or in certain future. also on the list this yes, miami's little that van ma. able the old u.s. mint in san francisco. thises the 28ther that list has been published. kimberly? >> out with the old. win the new, leon. the district's golden triangle neighborhood today. now a couple of parks listening nar the white house feature new art in thatlition. as mike reports they will standout especially at night. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> in james reason mow park, pennsylvania avenue, northwest, the golden triangle and the national parks service celebrated unveiling of the stainless steel fountain that transforms into a glowing colorful light unthatlition at night. >> it is or was we're by james monroe. the artist is italian citizen born in venezuela but now in washington but now the work can be found around the world the first in lation in the united
5:58 pm
states. i feel like a prod son in my own home. >> couple of blocks away at the park, the artist has also installed new lighting a digital recording of the voice and radio reports changes the intensity. u don't hear it. >> the commission on art anhui machine ty and the golden triangle bid $250,000 cost select after national call to artists. >> it is phenomenal. >> organizers say the events within of the long-term comprehensive visions for pennsylvania avenue from 17th street nar the white house to washington circle with wider sidewalks and improved park spaces and wi-fi in area and hope to turn this into a destination that is more livable and walkable. >> it has changed since the closure of the area of the street in front of the white house. >> at lunchtime, this area is buzzing. at might hot so much. the golden triangle leaders hope the flash of color and light will give this end of
5:59 pm
the main street new life. in northwest abc 7 news. >> that is it for abc 7 news at 5:00. rooting nu at 6:00. a damage left buy alsoing in the's pow powerful storms how long until a major road finally reopens. plugs why one county says it he is seeing a srg in fire calls to helt tro stations. the crucial new clue the search for whoever set fire to historic local restaurant. abc 7 news at 6:00 starts now. announcer: now abc 7 news at 6:00 on your side. >> 24 hours after fierce storms rattled our where are, a much different scene tonight. whole the weather has improved, there is still evidence of lasts in the's severe storms. we are live in fairfax where crews have worked al day to reopen the roadways.
6:00 pm
>> well, we learned in the last hour from fairfax county miss, this intersection will remain shut down, but what they are saying will be well into the evening. we will show you axingly why. take a look done the road. you can see that still sit this is the rod and similar scene along the stretch throughout the day. >> thunder, a lot of lightning, some very stiff winds. the fierce arm this rip through northern virginia left debris littered across roads. trees down everywhere. it is bad. >> along brd dock road nearly a doz worked all day to work on toppled trees and power line has. this is next to george mison university. two huge trees crashed on the street leaving a web of dangling power line. a section of both roads were shut down for the day causing some confusion for drivers. >> you go leg the campus here. you take a left. >> a different kind of cleanup underway for a


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